What are the differences between wizardry 7 and gold

“Wizardry 7” and “Wizardry Gold” are two different versions of the same game, “Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant.” Here are the main differences between the two:

Below are the main Differences between wizardry 7 and gold

  1. Content: “Wizardry Gold” includes all the content of the original “Wizardry 7” game, plus additional content such as new items, monsters, and quests.
  2. Graphics: “Wizardry Gold” features improved graphics compared to “Wizardry 7.” The game has higher resolution graphics, better lighting effects, and improved character animations.
  3. Sound: “Wizardry Gold” includes an enhanced soundtrack with improved sound effects and music compared to the original “Wizardry 7.”
  4. Interface: “Wizardry Gold” has a more user-friendly interface compared to “Wizardry 7.” The game features improved menus, better tooltips, and more intuitive controls.
  5. Bug fixes: “Wizardry Gold” includes bug fixes and other improvements that were not present in the original “Wizardry 7” game.

Overall, “Wizardry Gold” is a more polished and refined version of “Wizardry 7,” with additional content and improved graphics, sound, and interface.

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