What are the Differences between Sealed and Expunged

Sealed and expunged are legal terms that refer to the removal or restriction of access to certain legal records.

Below are the main Differences between Sealed and Expunged

Sealed records mean that the record exists but it is not available to the public. Only certain people, such as law enforcement officials, may have access to sealed records. Sealed records may also be made available to certain government agencies for specific purposes, such as a background check for a job in law enforcement or government. Sealed records may still appear in certain limited circumstances, such as during sentencing or in some court proceedings.

Expunged records mean that the record is completely erased or destroyed, as if it never existed. Expungement typically requires a court order and is usually only granted in certain circumstances, such as when the individual was wrongly accused or the charges were dismissed. Expunged records are generally not available to the public and do not appear in background checks or court proceedings.

In summary, sealed records still exist but are not available to the public, while expunged records are completely erased and do not exist anymore.

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