What are the differences between Netori and Netorare

Netori (寝取り) and netorare (寝取られ) are two related terms in Japanese hentai culture that describe different scenarios in which a character’s partner is sexually involved with someone else.

Below are the main Differences between Netori and Netorare

Netori refers to a situation where a character takes someone else’s partner for themselves, often with the original partner’s consent or encouragement. In other words, netori involves the “stealing” of a partner in a consensual manner.

Netorare, on the other hand, refers to a scenario where a character’s partner is taken away from them by someone else, often against the original partner’s will or without their knowledge. Netorare can be a more emotionally charged scenario, involving feelings of betrayal, loss, and humiliation.

To summarize, netori involves a consensual exchange of partners, while netorare involves a non-consensual or forced exchange of partners.

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