Differences between Velvet Drive 71c and 72c

Velvet Drive is a brand of marine transmissions used in boats and other watercraft. The main differences between the Velvet Drive 71C and 72C transmissions are as follows:

  1. Gear Ratio: The Velvet Drive 71C has a gear ratio of 1.91:1, while the 72C has a gear ratio of 1.5:1. This means that the 71C has a higher gear ratio, which results in a faster top speed but lower torque, while the 72C has a lower gear ratio, resulting in a slower top speed but higher torque.
  2. Cooling System: The 71C uses a heat exchanger for cooling, while the 72C uses a hydraulic cooler. The heat exchanger is more complex and requires more maintenance, but it is more efficient at cooling the transmission fluid.
  3. Torque Capacity: The 72C has a higher torque capacity than the 71C, making it more suitable for larger boats or boats with high horsepower engines.
  4. Design: The 72C is a newer design than the 71C, and it incorporates some design improvements, such as a larger oil pump, improved hydraulic pressure control, and better reliability.

Overall, the Velvet Drive 72C is an upgraded and improved version of the 71C, with better torque capacity, improved design features, and a simpler cooling system. However, the choice between the two transmissions will depend on the specific needs of your boat and engine.

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