What are the differences between Rosate 36 and 360

“Rosate 36 and 360” are both acronyms, but they represent different concepts:

Below are the main Differences between Rosate 36 and 360.

Rosate 36 and Rosate 360 are both herbicides that contain glyphosate as the active ingredient, but there are some differences between the two products.

  1. Concentration: Rosate 360 contains a higher concentration of glyphosate than Rosate 36. Rosate 360 has 360 g/L of glyphosate, while Rosate 36 has 360 g/kg.
  2. Formulation: Rosate 36 is a soluble concentrate formulation, which means that it comes in a powder form that needs to be diluted in water before use. Rosate 360 is a liquid concentrate that can be directly applied without dilution.
  3. Application: Because Rosate 360 is a liquid concentrate, it can be applied with a wider range of equipment, including boom sprayers and knapsack sprayers. Rosate 36, on the other hand, may require specialized equipment for application.
  4. Safety: Both products need to be handled with care and used according to the instructions on the label. However, because Rosate 360 is a more concentrated product, it may be more toxic if ingested or inhaled than Rosate 36.
  5. Availability: Rosate 360 is a newer product and may not be as widely available as Rosate 36.

Overall, the choice between Rosate 36 and Rosate 360 will depend on the specific application and equipment available. It is important to carefully read and follow the label instructions for any herbicide application to ensure safe and effective use.

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