Whats are the differences between R7 and R7s Bulbs

R7 and R7s are both types of halogen bulbs with a linear shape, commonly used in household fixtures and commercial lighting.

Below are the main Differences Between R7 and R7s Bulbs.

The main difference between R7 and R7s bulbs is their size. R7 bulbs have a length of 78mm (3.07 inches) while R7s bulbs are longer with a length of 118mm (4.64 inches). This difference in length also affects the wattage capacity of the bulbs.

R7s bulbs typically have a higher wattage capacity than R7 bulbs, which makes them suitable for larger fixtures and areas that require more illumination.

In terms of their compatibility with fixtures, R7 and R7s bulbs are not interchangeable. A fixture designed for R7 bulbs will not accommodate an R7s bulb, and vice versa, due to differences in the bulb base and overall size.

Overall, the main differences between R7 and R7s bulbs are their size, wattage capacity, and compatibility with fixtures.


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