differences between Joie Trillo and Joie Trillo Lx

Joie Trillo and Joie Trillo LX are both car seats designed for children in the group 2/3 age range (approximately 4-12 years old). While they share many similarities, there are some differences between the two models.

Below are the main Differences Between Joie Trillo and Joie Trillo Lx.

  1. Design and Appearance: The Joie Trillo LX has a slightly more modern and sleek design compared to the Joie Trillo. The Trillo LX also has more color options than the Trillo.
  2. Adjustable Headrest: The Trillo LX has a 10-position adjustable headrest, while the Trillo has an 8-position adjustable headrest. This means that the Trillo LX can accommodate taller children for a longer period of time.
  3. Side Impact Protection: Both the Trillo and Trillo LX have side impact protection, but the Trillo LX has additional layers of side impact protection for added safety.
  4. Cushioning and Padding: The Trillo LX has more padding and cushioning than the Trillo, which makes it more comfortable for children during long car journeys.
  5. Price: The Trillo LX is generally more expensive than the Trillo, due to its added features and design upgrades.

Overall, the Joie Trillo LX offers some additional features and upgrades compared to the Joie Trillo. However, both car seats are safe and comfortable options for children in the group 2/3 age range.


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