differences between Balneum and Balneum plus

Balneum and Balneum Plus are both topical skincare products used for the treatment of dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Below are the main Differences Between Balneum and Balneum Plus.


The main difference between Balneum and Balneum Plus is that Balneum Plus contains an additional ingredient called lauromacrogols, which has both anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties, making it more effective for the relief of itching and irritation associated with dry skin conditions.

In summary, while both Balneum and Balneum Plus are used for the treatment of dry skin conditions, Balneum Plus is a more advanced formulation containing an additional active ingredient, lauromacrogols, which provides more relief for symptoms such as itching and inflammation.

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