difference between xt60 and xt90

XT60 and XT90 are both types of electrical connectors used in the RC hobby and other applications. These connectors are used to connect batteries, speed controllers, and other components in electric vehicles, drones, and other devices.

Main Differences between xt60 and xt90:

The main difference between XT60 and XT90 is their current handling capacity. XT60 connectors are rated for a maximum current of 60 amps, while XT90 connectors are rated for a maximum current of 90 amps. This means that XT90 connectors are capable of handling higher power applications than XT60 connectors.

In addition to their current handling capacity, the two connectors also differ in size and shape. XT60 connectors are smaller and have a rounded shape, while XT90 connectors are larger and have a more rectangular shape. This difference in size and shape can affect how easily the connectors can be installed and how much space they take up.

When choosing between XT60 and XT90 connectors, it is important to consider the specific needs of your application. If you are working with a low power application, such as a small drone or RC car, XT60 connectors may be sufficient. However, if you are working with a higher power application, such as an electric vehicle or large drone, XT90 connectors may be necessary to handle the increased current demands.


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