Difference between Shiraz and cab Sav

Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab Sav) are two of the most popular red wine varieties in the world. Both wines are known for their bold and rich flavors, but they also have some notable differences. In this response, we will discuss the differences between Shiraz and Cab Sav, including their origins, flavor profiles, and food pairings.

Difference Between Shiraz and cab Sav:

  1. Origins: Shiraz originated in the Rhone Valley of France and is known as Syrah in many parts of the world. It is now widely grown in Australia and is the country’s most popular grape variety. On the other hand, Cabernet Sauvignon is originally from the Bordeaux region of France and is now grown in many parts of the world, including California, Chile, and South Africa.
  2. Flavor Profile: Shiraz is known for its bold, spicy, and fruity flavors, with notes of blackberry, black pepper, and sometimes even chocolate. It typically has a high tannin content, which gives it a dry finish. Cab Sav, on the other hand, is known for its full-bodied and complex flavors, with notes of blackcurrant, black cherry, and sometimes even tobacco. It also has a high tannin content, which gives it a firm structure and a long finish.
  3. Food Pairings: Shiraz pairs well with grilled or roasted meats, such as lamb or beef, as well as spicy dishes like Indian or Mexican cuisine. Cab Sav, on the other hand, pairs well with rich and hearty dishes like steak or braised meats, as well as strong-flavored cheeses like blue cheese.

In conclusion, while both Shiraz and Cab Sav are full-bodied and rich red wines, they have distinct flavor profiles and origins. Shiraz is known for its spicy and fruity flavors and pairs well with grilled meats and spicy dishes, while Cab Sav is known for its complex flavors and pairs well with hearty dishes and strong cheeses.

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