difference between mgp10 and mgp12

MGP10 and MGP12 are both treated pine timber products that are commonly used in construction projects. The main difference between them is their strength and stiffness, which are determined by the grade of the timber and the amount of processing it undergoes.

Main Differences between mgp10 and mgp12


MGP stands for Machine Graded Pine, which is a type of structural timber that is graded and tested by machines to ensure that it meets Australian standards for strength and stiffness. This grading process is done using a machine that measures the strength of the timber and assigns it a grade based on its properties.

MGP10 is a lower grade of machine-graded pine, which is commonly used in non-critical applications such as framing, flooring, and decking. It has a lower strength and stiffness than MGP12, which means that it is not suitable for use in heavy-duty applications.

MGP12, on the other hand, is a higher grade of machine-graded pine that is suitable for use in heavy-duty applications such as beams, posts, and other structural components. It has a higher strength and stiffness than MGP10, which makes it more durable and able to withstand greater loads and stresses.

In summary, the main difference between MGP10 and MGP12 is their strength and stiffness, with MGP12 being stronger and stiffer than MGP10. The choice between the two will depend on the specific requirements of the construction project and the loads and stresses that the timber will need to withstand.


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