What are the difference between Fleece and Flannel

Fleece and flannel are two types of fabric commonly used in clothing and bedding. Here are some differences between them:

Below are the main Differences between Fleece and Flannel

  1. Fabric Type: Fleece is a synthetic fabric made of polyester or a blend of polyester and other materials, while flannel is a cotton fabric that has been brushed to create a soft, fuzzy surface.
  2. Warmth: Fleece is typically thicker and warmer than flannel, making it a better choice for cold weather. Flannel is a lighter-weight fabric and is suitable for cooler temperatures.
  3. Texture: Fleece has a smooth surface and is often used in athletic wear or blankets. Flannel has a fuzzy surface due to the brushing process, and is often used in clothing items like pajamas, shirts, and sheets.
  4. Durability: Fleece is generally more durable than flannel, as it is less prone to pilling and wear and tear over time. Flannel, on the other hand, may require more care in washing to maintain its softness and texture.
  5. Moisture wicking: Fleece is often used in athletic wear because it wicks moisture away from the body, while flannel is not typically used for this purpose.

Overall, fleece and flannel are both versatile fabrics with unique characteristics that make them suitable for different uses.

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