Difference Between Blundstone 500 and 600

Blundstone is a well-known Australian brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality, durable and comfortable work boots. Two of its most popular models are the Blundstone 500 and the Blundstone 600.

Main Differences between 500 and 600.

The Blundstone 500 is a classic Chelsea-style work boot that has been a favorite among workers and adventurers for many years. It is made of premium leather that is both water-resistant and durable, making it ideal for various outdoor activities. The 500 features a slip-resistant sole, a comfortable footbed, and a convenient pull-on design with elastic side panels.

On the other hand, the Blundstone 600 is a newer model that was released as an update to the 500. The 600 has a similar Chelsea-style design but with additional features such as a steel shank for added support, a thicker sole for improved shock absorption, and a more robust leather construction. These features make the 600 better suited for heavy-duty work and harsher environments than the 500.

In summary, the primary difference between the Blundstone 500 and 600 is that the latter is a more heavy-duty and durable version of the former, with additional features such as a steel shank and thicker sole. The 500 is a classic work boot that is versatile and ideal for general use, while the 600 is better suited for more demanding environments and activities.

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