difference between BA and BF Falcon

The BA (2002-2005) and BF (2005-2008) Falcon are two generations of the Ford Falcon, an Australian-made full-size car produced by Ford Australia from 2002 to 2008. These two generations share many similarities, but there are some differences between them.

Below are the main difference between BA and BF FalconĀ 

Differences between BA and BF Falcon:

  1. Exterior styling: The BA Falcon had a more rounded exterior design compared to the BF Falcon, which had a slightly sharper, more angular design.
  2. Interior: The BF Falcon had some minor interior changes, such as the introduction of an upgraded sound system and new steering wheel controls for the audio and cruise control.
  3. Engine: The BF Falcon featured an upgraded version of the BA’s engine, with improved performance and fuel economy. The BF Falcon’s engine also had a slightly different exhaust system, which produced a slightly different exhaust note compared to the BA.
  4. Suspension: The BF Falcon’s suspension was slightly upgraded to provide a better ride and handling compared to the BA Falcon.
  5. Safety: The BF Falcon featured some additional safety features, such as an optional reverse camera and optional front parking sensors.
  6. Transmission: The BF Falcon had a slightly upgraded transmission with a higher torque capacity compared to the BA Falcon.

Overall, both the BA and BF Falcons were well-built, reliable, and popular cars in Australia. The differences between the two generations were mostly minor and focused on improving performance, comfort, and safety.

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